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Purchase & top-up

Find where to buy tickets, recharge your wallet card or subscribe to a monthly, quarterly or annual Seasonal card




All tickets (Public, Elderly and Special Needs) are available at all ticket offices.

Public tickets are also available on ticket vending machines that are located in stations between Haroun and Adly Mansour.


Wallet card

Wallets are available at all ticket offices and on ticket vending machines in the stations between Haroun and Adly Mansour.

  • Card cost is 25 LE with a minimum top-up of 25 LE on the first purchase.
  • You can charge from 10 pounds to 400 pounds.
  • Anyone can use the card.
  • You can charge the card many times if it is not damaged.

Buying a Wallet card saves you time!


Seasonal card

The Seasonal card is made for General Public, Students, Elderly (over 60 years olds) or Special Needs. To subscribe you need:

Go to the nearest office that offers Seasonal subscriptions on Green Line 3 (Attaba, Abbasia, Heliopolis or Adly Mansour).

Provide 2 photographs (format: 4x6).

If you are a Student:

You need to get the form stamped by your school.

A copy of ID or the student's birth certificate should be delivered with the form.

A copy of the expenses receipt or a copy of a current or previous school identity card.

If you are an Elderly:

You need a copy of a valid ID as a proof of age.

If you are a Special Need:

You need a copy of a valid ID delivered by Governmental Authorities to prove your status.

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