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A Tree in Your Name

your tree

In Conjunction with World Environment Day, "A Tree in Your Name" loyalty program Launched in Capital Train )LRT( Stations

Today, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo, the company responsible for managing and operating Green Line 3 metro and Light Rail Transit (LRT), in collaboration with “Shagrha initiative”, launched "A Tree in Your Name" loyalty program within Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations.

The program aims to raise environmental and sustainable awareness among passengers and the importance of fruit-bearing trees and improving the quality of the urban environment. This is done by encouraging passengers to register for the program through a QR code located in all LRT stations and screens inside the trains. At the end of each month, the passenger with the largest number of trips for each station will be awarded a fruit-bearing tree to be planted in their name as a tribute to their contribution to environmental protection and their use of an environmentally friendly means of transportation.


The company launched this program for passengers after they chose capital train as a clean and environmentally friendly means of transportation and contributed to protecting the environment from 1500 tons of harmful emissions since the beginning of the year, which is the same amount of emissions that 240,000 trees need to absorb in the same period.

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