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Green Line 3 Expands in the World’s Most Densely Populated Neighborhood

Green Line 3, Cairo's beloved metro line, is finally unveiling its highly anticipated Phase 3B on 24th of Dec.23. As the trial operations conclude on the new phase during the last weeks, residents of Cairo can brace themselves for a swifter journey through Northern Giza. 

With 6 new stations, phase 3B of Green Line 3 takes you on a smooth 6.6-kilometer journey, starting from the popular Kit-Kat station along Sudan street, where the new Sudan station awaits. The line then emerges from underground into the bustling streets of Imbaba, the most densely populated neighborhood in the world, with four overhead stations, Imbaba, El-Bohy, El-Qawmia and Ring Road, thus connecting Cairo Metro seamlessly with one of Greater Cairo’s major transportation arteries and unlocking a wider range of destinations. The phase terminates with the surface station of Rod El Farag Corr., yet another important connection with land transport, and the site of a future transport hub, a major metro depot, and opportunity for wide economic development. 

Our team has been talking with residents and workers around the new extension who have expressed their anticipation of the speed and ease of travel with Green Line 3, as well as of the decline of traffic congestion and emissions in the area.

Under the slogan “Service up to your Standards”, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo inaugurates its new phase with a promise to continue putting attention to every detail to ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers, thus proudly taking part in making a better city for everyone by increasing accessibility for users of different abilities and attracting more Cairenes to clean modes of transportation. 

And while we celebrate the arrival of phase 3B, our eyes remain on the horizon for the opening of the final phase of Green Line 3 extending further south to Cairo University. Get ready, Cairo, the future is bright and it's rolling on green wheels! 

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