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The final phase of line 3

The final phase of the extension of line 3 of Cairo metro is completed.

 Line 3 of Cairo metro, renamed Green Line 3 since June 2021, opened five new stations: Tawfikia, Wadi El Nile, Gamet El Dowel, Boulak El Dakrour and Cairo University.

Since the takeover of this line in June 2021 by the Egyptian subsidiary of the famous French operator RATP Dev, Green Line 3 has been a success story.


In less than three years, Green Line 3 is now the heart line of Cairo!

With the slogan "Close to your heart" for the communication campaign that will be deployed on the occasion of the opening of this last phase of Green Line 3.



Why “Close to your heart”?



Five major reasons lead to give Green Line 3 this affectionate nickname, as explained on the next page.



  1. Green Line 3, close to your heart,

As the heart line crosses the palm of your hand from side to side, Green Line 3 now serves Cairo from East to West.

In addition, Green Line 3 is the only metro line with the commuter train line, Capital Train (commercial name of the LRT project), which serves the New Capital, located 70 kilometers east of the present-day city of Cairo.


  1. Green Line 3, close to your heart,

because Green Line 3 obviously serves the heart of Cairo, Downtown, but also the beating and lively hearts of Cairo such as Zamalek and Mohandeseen.

Green Line 3 is also the metro line that serves Imbaba, the world's most densely populated district:


  1. Green Line 3, close to your heart,

Because Green Line 3 has become the preferred metro line of the citizens of Cairo.

According to the results of the latest satisfaction surveys conducted in January 2024, Green Line 3 achieves exceptional satisfaction scores: the Green Line 3 passenger satisfaction rate is now 95% and the Net Promotor Score* is 98%.

Excellent results that other major capitals of the world envy us: for example, the famous American magazine NewsWeek even published an article dated April 1st: “New York City vs. Cairo – How the Big Apple Could Learn from Cairo's Metro System”.


* A Net Promotor Score measures customer loyalty by looking at their likelihood of recommending a given business.


  1. Green Line 3, close to your heart,

Because Green Line 3 employees have a great heart, and they don’t hesitate to go beyond their mission of welcoming and transporting Green Line 3 passengers in according to high quality service standards.

Indeed, there are many examples of Green Line 3 employees taking initiatives to help Green Line 3 passengers:

  • they used social networks to track down the family members of a mentally handicapped person who was found in a station and had been missing for several months:


  • they helped a tourist find his wife who had strayed into Nasser station, the largest station on Green Line 3, with four floors and a connection with Line 1:


  • they also take care of the animals by saving the life of a small cat that had fallen on the track:

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