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Refunds & compensation


If you arrive XX minutes or more late at your destination because of a delay or cancellation to a RD Mobility Cairo service, you can claim Delay Repay compensation. Delay Repay is a national scheme train companies use to compensate passengers for delays or cancellations.

You will find details of the scheme outlined in our Passenger's Charter which is available at all of our staffed stations or online on the Passenger's Charter page.


How to claim Delay Repay?

You need to apply for compensation online or by post within XX days of your delayed journey. We’ll respond to your claim within XX working days, however unless there has been a period of disruption you should hear back from us within 5 days.

Applying online is quick and easy, and you can create an online account to store your details for future visits.

To complete the online or printed form, you’ll need proof of travel. Valid proof of travel depends on what type of ticket you have.

Paper ticket: A receipt issued by the gateline manager upon your exit

Wallet card: Your Wallet card number (shown on the front of your card)

Seasonal card: Your Seasonal card number (shown on the front of your card)



If our monthly performance for punctuality or reliability falls below set thresholds, RD Mobility Cairo will compensate eligible passengers. View our performance results for more information.

The following information outlines the Passenger Compensation Code, including circumstances in which compensation will be made available to passengers and the process of applying for compensation.



Under our agreement with National Authority for Tunnels (NAT), if our monthly performance for punctuality or reliability falls below set thresholds, Mobility Cairo will provide compensation equal to one daily fare of the travelled fare type to eligible passengers.


Threshold %

Service Delivery XX

Punctuality XX

You can find Mobility Cairo performance results here.


Additional compensation offer

In addition, compensation may be claimed regardless of what type of fare you hold if your service was delayed by more than XX minutes and:

  • you were not advised of the reason for the delay by Mobility Cairo when on board a metro service
  • If you have not been informed of any alternative transportation options from Mobility Cairo

Compensation provided for these reasons will be of the same value or type as the fare you held for the start of that journey.

You may only claim for one of the above occurrences for any one day.


Assessment of compensation claims

All compensation claims will be assessed on merit using the information provided and available data including Automatic Vehicle Monitoring, tap on tap out system and NAT policies.


Interpreter service

The Compensation Claim Form can be provided in the following languages by calling the Mobility Cairo Customer Service Team on XXXXXXXXXX between XXam and XXpm daily.

  • Arabic
  • English

Copies of the claim form are also available on request in large print.


Passenger compensation overview


Description Compensation Processes
Compensation notice issued by operator Online at, once they have been publicly released by NAT, typically no later than XX days after the end of each month.
Eligible passengers All holders of a pass (that is valid for XX days or more) who have touched on on a metro station from Green Line 3 for at least XX days of the month.
Nature of compensation Money of a Single fare (or other value as defined) to be uploaded onto the user’s pass. The value loaded is to be the same fare/zone mix as the pass being compensated.
Applications Completion of an application form. The form is available online at, or by calling on XXXXXXX.
Processing of the application by Mobility Cairo Mobility Cairo may conduct a ticket trace to verify applications for compensation and retain information on compensation claims.
Mobility Cairo sends a list of eligible passengers with their card number to NAT for processing.
Application deadline Until the end of the month in which the results are published. If results are published later than XX days after the end of the month, the deadline will be extended by the number of days delayed.
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